Saturday, March 11, 2017

The King's Traitor by Jeff Wheeler

Against all odds, Owen Kiskaddon grew from frightened boy to confident youth to trusted officer in the court of Kingfountain—and watched its regent, Severn Argentine, grow ever more ruthless and power-mad. Robbed of his beloved protector, his noble mentor, and his true love, Owen has anticipated the day when the king he fears and reviles, yet loyally serves, will be toppled. Now, as Severn plots a campaign of conquest, the time has come to take action…and Owen’s destiny demands that he lead the strike.

Ordered to incite war with a neighboring kingdom, Owen discovers its beautiful, reclusive ruler, whose powerful magic might even exceed his own. Together they mount a daring plot to overthrow the corrupt monarch, crown the rightful heir, and defeat the prophesied curse threatening Kingfountain with wintry death. But Severn’s evil is as bottomless as the fabled Deep Fathoms. To keep his ill-gotten throne, he’ll gladly spill the blood of enemies and innocents alike.

4 Star Rating - Recommended Age 14+
So satisfying!! And it's not the end - Whaaat?!!!! Some things did not go the way I expected. I felt some disappointments, frustrations and pettiness. Yes...pettiness! (Those who've pined for love will agree). 

But in the end it wrapped up beautifully. What good writing where a reader heavily invested in a certain fairy tale ending still enjoys the unexpected!  

This story deepened my attachment to the characters.  Owen has become such a complicated character in this book.  Warring with his loyalty and his moral compass; his undying love and the possibilities of letting go; greed and selflessness.  There were twists and turns in the plot, which kept the story from being too predictable.  But you always know in the end that good will win.  This is YA level intrigue, very low on the romance scale, but mid-level romantic tension.  Even at the 3rd book in the series, it is still a story I find hard to put down.  I want to keep reading to see what is going to happen next.

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